Booklists & Compilations

Booklists compiled on listservs (like goodnightmoon), etc. or by State Library staff.

Blizzard of 1888 (compiled by Linda Williams)
Books That Work Every Time (storytime compilation from goodnightmoon, 2011)
Books with Female Protagonists (a compilation of online booklists, 2015)
Bullying (fiction and nonfiction, compiled by Linda Williams, 2016)
Civil War Booklist
(fiction and nonfiction, compiled by Linda Williams, 2011)
Children’s & YA Fiction Set in Connecticut (updated every summer)
Favorites for Mother/Daughter Discussion Groups
(goodnightmoon, June 2011)
Historical Fiction for Children and Teens (Linda Williams, July 2017)
Jack the Ripper (fiction and nonfiction for teens)
Losing a Pet (compiled by Linda Williams, updated December 2014)
Middle Grade Books in Spanish (compiled by Linda Williams, July 2013)
Nature / Land Care Themes (goodnightmoon and Linda Williams, October 2011)
Only Child (goodnightmoon and Linda Williams, January 2015)
Parenting in the Digital Age (compiled by Linda Williams, March 2017)
Picture Books to Use for Teaching Persuasive Writing  (Linda Williams, September 2013)
Primary Source Material in the Service Center Collections (nonfiction)
Summer Reading Booklists (compiled by Linda Williams for the Connecticut Department of Education)
Things Aren’t Always What They Seem (compiled by Linda Williams, September 2016)

Countries (compilations created by Linda Williams for One World, Many Stories, 2011 and updated periodically)
African Countries – Picture Books .
African Countries – Fiction .
Australia & Oceania -Picture Books .
Central America & Caribbean Area Countries – Picture Books .
Central America & Caribbean Area Countries – Fiction .
Central Asian Countries – Picture Books .
East & Southeast Asian Countries – Picture Books .
European Countries – Picture Books .
Middle East & South Asian Countries – Picture Books .
North American Countries – Picture Books .
South American Countries – Picture Books .

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