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Booklist: Parenting in the Digital Age

A list of fairly current books to consider for the parent shelf.
(download .pdf with ISBNs and cover scans)

52 Ways to Connect With Your Smartphone Obsessed Kid: How to Engage With Kids Who Can’t Seem to Pry Their Eyes from Their Devices! by Jonathan McKee

The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age by Catherine Steiner-Adair with Teresa H. Barker

American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers by Nancy Jo Sales

Born Reading: Bringing up Bookworms in a Digital Age—From Picture books to eBooks and Everything in Between by Jason Boog

Breaking the Trance: A Practical Guide for Parenting the Screen-Dependent Child by George Lynn

Digital Families: Tips and Guidelines for Living in an Online Society by Alfredo Abad Domingo

The Game is Playing Your Kid: How to Unplug and Reconnect in the Digital Age by Dr. Joe Dilley

Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids and How to Break the Trance by Nicholas Kardaras

Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen Driven World by Gary Chapman

How to Entertain, Distract, and Unplug Your Kids!: Tricks, Tools, and Spontaneous Screen-Free Activities by Matthew Jervis

iRules: What Every Tech-Healthy Family Needs to Know About Selfies, Sexting, Gaming, and Growing Up by Janell Burley

Managing Screen Time: Raising Balanced Children in the Digital Age by Edmond Schoorel

Media Moms & Digital Dads: A Fact-Not-Fear Approach to Parenting in the Digital Age by Yalda T. Uhls, PhD

The New Age of Sex Education: How to Talk to Your Teen About Cybersex and Pornography in the Digital Age by Jennifer Weeks

The Parent App: Understanding Families in the Digital Age by Lynn Scholfield Clark

Parenting for the Digital Age: The Truth Behind Media’s Effect on Children, and What to Do About It by Bill Ratner

Parents and Digital Technology: How to Raise the Connected Generation by Suzie Hayman & John Coleman

Raising Generation Tech: Prepare Your Children for a Media-Fueled World by Jim Taylor, PhD

Reclaiming Conversaton: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age by Sherry Turkle

Reset Your Child’s Brain: A Four-Week Plan to End Meltdowns, Raise Grades, and Boost Social Skills by Reversing the Effects of Electronic Screen-Time by Victoria Dunckley

Screens and Teens: Connecting with our Kids in a Wireless World by Kathy Koch

Screen-Smart Parenting: How to Find Balance and Benefit in Your Child’s Use of Social Media, Apps, and Digital Devices by Jodi Gold

Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (And Survive) in their Digital World by Devorah, Heitner, PhD

Why Are You Always on the Phone?: SMART Skills with the Smartphone Generation by Michelle Mei Ling Yeo

Talking Back to Facebook: The Common Sense Guide to Raising Kids in the Digital Age by James P. Steyer

Tap, Click, Read: Growing Readers in a World of Screens by Lisa Guernsey & Michael H. Levine


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