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Booklist: Bullying

Picture Books


Davies, Matt. Ben Rides On (Roaring Brook, 2013)*
Ben rides his new bicycle the very, very long way to school but Adrian Underbite, perhaps the world’s largest third-grader, takes the bike anyway and later, when Ben finds Adrian in trouble, he must decide whether or not to help the larcenous bully.

Javerbin, Mina. Goal! (Candlewick, 2010)*
In a dangerous alley in a township in South Africa, the strength and unity which a group of young friends feel while playing soccer keep them safe when a gang of bullies arrives to cause trouble.

Lovell, Patty. Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon (Putnam’s, 2001)*
Even when the class bully at her new school makes fun of her, Molly remembers what her grandmother told her and she feels good about herself.

Peacock, Shane. The Artist and Me (Owlkids, 2016)
An introduction to the life of genius Post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh is presented in the format of a bully’s confessional that reveals how the artist was tormented for his eccentric nature and how the narrator’s perspectives were changed after learning from van Gogh that there are different ways of seeing the world.

Polacco, Patricia. Bully (Putnam’s, 2012)
Sixth-grade friends Lyla and Jamie, both new to their school, stand up for each other when a clique of popular girls bullies them online.

Poulin, Andree. Pablo Finds a Treasure (Annick Press, 2016)
Pablo and his sister spend every day at Treasure Mountain,” the local dump, where they rummage through the mounds of garbage looking for items that can be sold to support the family. The work is exhausting, and sometimes not very lucrative, but the worst thing they have to contend with is Filthy-Face, a brutish bully who steals their finds.

Wells, Rosemary. Stella’s Starliner (Candlewick, 2014)*
Stella is unnerved by a bullying group of weasels who say mean things about her humble home until her mother offers words of comfort and her father drives the trailer to a new location where kind friends are found.

Woodson, Jacqueline. Each Kindness (Nancy Paulsen, 2012)*
When Ms. Albert teaches a lesson on kindness, Chloe realizes that she and her friends have been wrong in making fun of new student Maya’s shabby clothes and refusing to play with her.

Chapter Books 


Cox, Judy. Mean, Mean Maureen Green (Holiday House, 2000)
With help from Adam, a boy in her third grade class, Lilley gains enough confidence to stand up to the school bus bully, Mean Maureen Green.

Doodler, Todd H. Super Fly: The World’s Smallest Superhero! (Bloomsbury, 2015)
When fourth-grader Eugene, a small and nerdy, mild-mannered housefly, becomes the world’s smallest superhero, he takes on Crazy Cockroach and his army of insect baddies.

Dowell, Frances O’Roark. Phineas L. MacGuire… Gets Cooking! (Atheneum, 2014)*JD
Phineas has a new chore of cooking dinner every night, but his kitchen experiments take a turn for the worse when the school bully takes a huge liking to Phineas’s brownies.

Edwards, Michelle. Stinky Stern Forever (Harcourt, 2005)
Pa Lia and her classmates share memories of Stinky Stern, the second-grade bully.

Grimes, Nikki. Garvey’s Choice (Wordsong, 2016)
Preferring science and reading to the sports his father wants him to play, Garvey comforts himself with food and endures bullying before joining the school chorus, where he learns how to accept himself and bond with his father.

Nilsson, Ulf. A Complicated Case (Detective Gordon series) (Gecko Press, 2016)
While Detective Gordon lays thinking in his bed, his assistant, Buffy, tries to solve the case of who is saying nasty things in the forest, with the hope of becoming the chief of police.

Wojciechowski, Susan. Beany and the Meany (Candlewick, 2005)
When Beany’s best friend Carol Ann pairs with the new girl at school to create a science project, Beany must work with Kevin the bully.



Shapiro, Ouisie. Bullying and Me: Schoolyard Stories (Albert Whitman, 2010)*
Relates the real life experiences of people who have been victims of emotional and physical bullying.

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*Asterisked books are available at the Middletown Library Service Center, Middletown, CT
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