Abbott, Tony lives in: Trumbull – Facebook
Albee, Sarah lives in: Watertown –
Aller, Susan Bivin lives in: West Hartford –
Andronik, Catherine lives in: Bridgeport
Anglund, Joan Walsh lives in:
Antle, Nancy lives in: New Haven –
Aust, Patricia H. lives in: Marlborough
Baratz-Logsted, Lauren lives in: Danbury –
Barham, Lisa lives in: Greenwich
Baskin, Nora Raleigh lives in: Weston – Contact Nora
Bauer, A.C.E. lives in: Cheshire –
Berlin, Eric lives in: Milford – Puzzling World of Winston Breen Website ; School Visits & Skype Chats ; Download Puzzles ; Email the Author
Best, Cari lives in: Weston – Info at Macmillan
Blitt, Barry lives in: Roxbury – Info at Simon & Schuster
Boyle, Doe lives in: Madison –
Boynton, Sandra lives in: Lakeville – Email the Author
Broach, Elise lives in: Easton – Author Appearance Info ; Email the Author
Bronson, Linda lives in: East Haddam
Bulion, Leslie lives in: Durham – Author Appearance Info ; Email the Author
Buller, Jon lives in: Lyme – Author Appearance Info ; Email the Author
Byrne, Gayle lives in: Killingworth
Catanese, P. W. lives in: – Author Appearance Info ; Blog ; Email the Author
Carter, Abby lives in: ? – Info at HarperCollins
Casale, Karen lives in: Enfield
Casilla, Robert lives in: New Fairfield
Chartier, Normand lives in: Brooklyn – Illustrator Appearances ; Email the Illustrator
Chast, Roz lives in: Ridgefield (Wikipedia)
Cheney, Glenn Alan lives in: Hanover”
Chess, Victoria lives in: Kent – Victoria Chess papers at the Dodd Center
Clayton Elaine lives in: Westport – Email the Author
Clements, Bruce lives in: Willimantic
Clinton, Catherine lives in: ? – Short Bio
Cole, Joanna lives in: Newtown – Bio from the Educational Paperback Association
Collier, Christopher lives in: Orange
Collins, Suzanne lives in: Sandy Hook
Connor, Leslie lives in: Madison – Bio ; Contact the Author
Coombs, Patricia lives in: Waterford – Dorrie the Little Witch series
Craft, Jerry  lives in: Norwalk –
Craft, Kinuko Y. lives in: Norfolk – Email the Illustrator
Crawford, Robert lives in: Woodbury
Davies, Matt lives in: Connecticut
de Young, Carmine Coco lives in: Ridgefield
Deeble, Jason lives in: ?
Degen, Bruce lives in: Newtown – Scholastic Bio.
DeKeyser, Stacy lives in: ? – Blog
Delaney, M. C. lives in: Greenwich
Delessert, Etienne lives in: Lakeville – Email the Author
Denos, Julia lives in: Cheshire – Blog
diFiori, Lawrence lives in: New Canaan
Doolittle, Michael J. lives in: New Haven – Email the Photographer.
Dormer, Frank W. lives in: Branford – Blog
Doty, Roy lives in: Norwalk – Email the Illustrator
Enos, Randall lives in: Easton – Email the Illustrator
Erickson, Russell E. lives in: Bristol
Fain, Moira lives in: Pawcatuck – Email the Illustrator
Feder, Paula lives in: Centerbrook
Fiedler, Lisa lives in: Granby
Fields, Jan lives in: Ledyard
Fisher, Clavin lives in: West Simsbury – Author Papers at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center
Fisher, Leonard Everett lives in: Westport – Author Papers in the de Grummond Collection
Flanagan, Kate lives in: New Haven
Freedman, Deborah lives in: Hamden
Friend, Natasha lives: on the Connecticut shoreline
Gallo, Frank lives in: New Canaan
Galvin, Laura Gates lives in: New Canaan
Ganeshram, Ramin lives in: Westport – Wikipedia article ; Twitter ;
Gauthier, Gail lives in: Marlborough – Author Appearance Info ; Blog ; Email the author
Giff, Patricia Reilly lives in: Weston – Teacher Guides for Giff’s Books ; Teacher Resource File from the Internet School Library Media Center ; Author Papers in the de Grummond Collection
Gilchrist, Guy lives in: Canton
Good, Karen Hillard lives in: CT & IL
Greene, Constance C. lives in: ? – Author Papers in the Children’s Literature Research Collection, University of Minnesota
Greenwald, Tommy lives in: Westport – FacebookTwitterBlogEmail the Author
Grossman, Bill lives in: Windsor
Haight, Jessica lives in: New Fairfield
Halpern, Jake lives in:
Hechter, Janice  lives in: ? – Email the Author
Hermann, Spring (Gagliardi) lives in: West Hartford
Hermes, Patricia lives in: Fairfield – Author Bio from Scholastic ; Email the Author
Herrick, Ann lives in: Clinton – Books ; Email the Author
Himmelman, John lives in: Killingworth – Author Appearance Info ; Email the Author
Hoberman, Mary Ann lives in: Greenwich – Books
Hodgson, Ann lives in: Litchfield County
Holm, Sharon Lane lives in: New Fairfield
Hood, Susan lives in: Southport
Horning, Sandra lives in: northeast Connecticut
Horton, Joan lives in: Glastonbury
Hubbard, Eleanor has a studio in: Middlebury
Hubbell, Pat lives in: Easton – Books ; Author Appearance Info ; Email the Author
Hunt, Lynda Mullaly lives in: Glastonbury area – Books ; Author Appearance Info ; Blog ; Facebook ; Twitter ; Email the Author
Hurwitz, Laura lives in: North Haven
Ieronimo, Christine lives in: Terryville – Email the Author
Jay, Lorraine lives in: Madison
Johnson, David A. lives in: Windham
Kann, Victoria lives in: ? – Books ; Email the Illustrator
Katz, Alan lives in: Weston – Email the Author
Keller, Holly lives in: West Redding – BiographyAuthor Interview
Kendall, Jane lives in: Cos Cob
Kiaulevicius, Rolandas lives in: Branford
Klemin, Diana lives in: Greenwich – Author Papers in the de Grummond Collection
Kline, Suzy lives in: West Willington – Teacher Resource File from the Internet School Library Media Center ; Email the Author
Koponen, Libby lives in: Mystic – Author visits,  Email the Author.
Krupinski, Loretta lives in: Old Lyme – Author info from HarperCollinsThe Paintings of Loretta Krupinski.
Kucharik, Elena lives in: New Canaan
Kudlinski, Kathleen V. lives in: Guilford – Email the Author
Lamb, Susan Condie lives in: ?
Lamm, C. Drew lives in: Rowayton
Lawler, Janet lives in: Farmington
Lavoie, Jennifer lives in:
Leal, Ann Haywood lives in: Waterford
Ledgard, Edna lives in: ?
Lefranc, Karin lives in: Simsbury
LeMieux, Anne Connelly lives in: Fairfield – Article “The Problem Novel in a Conservative Age,” by A. C. LeMieux, in the Alan Review
Leverich, Katherine lives in: Old Greenwich
Littman, Sarah Darer lives in: Cos Cob – Author BioBooksAuthor VisitsReading Guides.
Logsted, Greg lives in: Danbury
Lohstoeter, Lori lives in: Rowayton
Lupica, Mike lives in: ? – Author Bio on Wikipedia
MacClintock, Dorcas lives in: Hamden
MacColl, Michaela lives in: Fairfield County – For Librarians & Teachers – Blog
MacDonald, Ross lives in:
Manning, Jane lives in: Deep River
Marakas, Thalia lives in: Ridgefield
Marrone, Amanda lives in: Shelton
Matthews, Wendy lives in: Bethel
Mayer, Gina lives in: Roxbury
Mayer, Marianna lives in: Roxbury
Mayer, Mercer lives in: Roxbury – Author Study (from Teaching and Learning with Technology-Canada)
McBrier, Page lives in: Rowayton”
McClintock, Barbara lives in: Windham – Email the author.
McCutchen, H. L. (Heather) lives in: Durham
Meisel, Paul lives in: Newtown
Metcalf, Dawn lives in: Suffield – BlogTwitterInterview.
Miglio, Paige lives in: Milford
Minor, Florence Friedmann lives in: Washington – FacebookPinterestTwitter.
Minor, Wendell lives in: Washington – Email the Author – FacebookPinterest.
Morrison, Meighan  lives in: Easton – Email the Author
Moulton, Mark Kimball lives in: northwestern Connecticut – Books ; Author Appearance Info ; Email the Author
Munsinger, Lynn lives in: Old Greenwich – Teacher Resource File
Neenan, Colin lives in: Trumbull
Nelson, Marilyn lives in: East Haddam
Nelson, N.A. (Nina) lives in: Darien – School Visits ; Email the Author
Neufeld, John lives in: Lakeville – Books ; Email the Author
Noreika, Robert lives in: Rocky Hill
O’Brien, Caragh lives in: ?
Odone, Jamison lives in: Ridgefield
Ohanesian, Diane C. lives in: Portland
Osborne, Mary Pope lives in: northwest Connecticut – Blog
Otfinoski, Steven lives in: Stratford
Pakkala, Christine lives in: Westport – FacebookTwitter
Paley, Jane lives in: Easton
Parker, Robert Andrew lives in: West Cornwall – Papers at the Dodd Center ; Hartford Courant Article.
Pitino, Donna lives in: Watertown
Prosek, James lives in: Easton
Rabe, Tish lives in: Greenwich
Ragz, M. M. lives in: Cheshire
Rama, Sue lives in: East Windsor Hill – Email the Author
Rau, Dana Meachen lives in: Burlington – Author BioBooksAuthor Appearances ;Email the Author
Reiser, Lynn lives in: Hamden – Author Bio from
Riggio, Anita lives in: Wethersfield – Author Bio from Boyds Mills ; Author Appearance Info ; Email the Author
Ring, Elizabeth lives in: Woodbury
Roberts, Bethany lives in: Hamden
Robinson, Stephanie lives in: Naugatuck
Rockwell, Anne lives in: Old Greenwich – Author Bio on
Rockwell, Lizzy lives in: Norwalk – Books ; Author Appearance Info ; Email the Author
Rossiter, Nan Parson lives in: New Milford
Roy, Ron lives in: Manchester
San Angelo, Ryan lives in: Southbury
Sanders, Kelly lives in: Unionville
Schade, Susan lives in: Lyme
Seaver, Jeff lives in: Westport – Books
Shaughnessy, Adam lives in:
Shea, Bob lives in: Connecticut
Shea, Pegi Deitz lives in: Rockville – Article in Teaching Pre-K-8 ; Email the Author
Sheldon, Ann lives in: New Haven
Sherrow, Victoria lives in: ?
Simpson, Martha lives in: Hamden – Email the Author
Sims, Blanche lives inSandy Hook
Smith, Lane lives in: rural Connecticut
St. George, Judith lives in: Lyme
Stanley, Sanna lives in: Madison
Steers, Billy lives in: Roxbury
Stengel, Joyce A. lives in: South Glastonbury
Stevenson, James lives in: Guilford – Author Bio from Carol Hurst’s Children’s Literature site
Stoehr, Shelley lives in: West Haven – Author Bio ; Email the Author
Stracher, Cameron lives in: Westport
Sutcliffe, Jane lives in: Tolland – TwitterYouTube – Books – Author Visits – Contact the Author.
Tafuri, Nancy lives in: Roxbury – Email the Author.
Tarshis, Lauren lives in: Westport – Teaching Resources – FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramContact the Author
Thermes, Jennifer lives in: Newtown – Author Visits ; Email the Author
Thomson, Bill lives in: Southington – Email the Illustrator
Tripp, Jenny lives in: Essex – Facebook
Van Rynbach, Iris lives in: Glastonbury – Author Visits ; Email the Author
Verniero, Joan lives in: Monroe – Author Visits ; Email the Author
Wagner, Karen lives in: Norwalk –
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth lives in: Branford
Waters, Daniel lives in: Norwich – Blog.
Welch, Catherine A. lives in: Monroe
Wells, Rosemary lives in: Norwalk – FacebookTwitterPinterest
Wenzel, David lives in: Durham – Email the Illustrator
Wexler, Jerome lives in: Madison – Papers at the De Grummond Collection
Wick, Walter lives in: Hartford – Facebook – Email the Author
Wilhelm, Hans lives in: Weston – FacebookPinterestYouTubeLinkedIn – Books
Williams, Laura Ellen lives in: Woodbury
Wingerter, Linda lives in: West Haven – Article in Teaching PreK-8 ; Email the Author
Wisnewski, Andrea lives in: ? –
Young, Karen Romano lives in: Bethel – FacebookTwitterPinterestYouTubeTumblr – Books
Zagarenski, Pamela  lives in: Stonington – Etsy – Email the Author
Zallinger, Jean Day lives in: North Haven – Author Papers at the Dodd Center Author Papers at the De Grummond Collection

Deceased Authors & Illustrators

Armstrong, William H. (1914-1999) lived in: Kent born in: Lexington, VA
Bacon, Ethel (1922-2008) lived in: Madison
Berry, Erick (1892-1974) lived in: Sharon – Author Papers in the de Grummond Collection
Best, Herbert (1894-1981) lived in: Sharon
Bradbury, Bianca (1908-1982) lived in: New Milford
Butterworth, Oliver (1915-1990) lived in: West Hartford
Colman, Hila (1909-2008) lived in: Bridgewater – Author Papers in the de Grummond Collection ; Obituary
Cuneo, Mary Louise () lived near: Black Rock Harbor
Dubanevich, Arlene (1950-2001) lived in: Portland
Duke, Kate (1956-2014) lived in: New Haven – Publisher’s Weekly obituary
Dunn, Phoebe (1915-1990) lives in:  – New York Times obituary
Estes, Eleanor (1906-1988) lived in: New Haven – Wikipedia articleEleanor Estes Papers in the Northeast Children’s Literature CollectionEleanor Estes Papers in the Kerlan Collection
Flora, James (1914-1998) lived in: Rowayton
Frasconi, Antonio (1919-2013)  lived in: Norwalk – New York Times obituary.
Fuchs, Bernie (1932-2009) lived in: Westport
Gramatky, Hardie (1907-1979) lived in: Westport
Gruelle, Johnny (1880-1938) lived in: New Canaan
Jenkins, Lyll Becerra de (1925-1997) lived in: Monroe
Johnson, Crockett (1906-1975) lived in: Rowayton – Author Bio
Krasilovsky, Phyllis (1926-2014) lived in: Redding – Obituary
Krauss, Ruth (1911-1993) lived in: Rowayton – Teacher Resource File from the Internet School Library Media Center
Lawson, Robert (1892-1957) lived in: Fairfield County
L’Engle, Madeleine (1918-2007) lived in: Goshen – Madeleine L’Engle (by Karen Funk Blocher) ;Teacher Resource File from the Internet School Library Media Center ; Teacher Resource File from Schools of California Online Resources for Education ; Fan Site ;Fan Site
Lenski, Lois (1893-1974) lived: near Torrington – Biography and other information at the Milner Library, Illinois State University – Lois Lenski Collection at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Marshall, James (1942-1992) lived in: Mansfield
Neville, Emily Cheney (1919-1997) born in: Manchester
Rockwell, Harlow (1910-1988) lived in:Greenwich
Scarry, Richard (1919-1994) lived in: ?
Sendak, Maurice (1928-2012) lived in: Ridgefield – Author Bio by Carol Gregory and Inez Ramsey ;Article Facing the Frightful Things : These Days, Maurice Sendak’s Wild Creatures Are Homelessness, AIDS and Violence–Big Issues for Small Kids, by Pamela Warrick, Los Angeles Times ;Agent Site
Simont, Marc (1915-2013) lived in: West Cornwall – Author Bio in CBC Magazine ; Author Papersat the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.
Speare, Elizabeth George (1908-1994) lived in: Easton
Twain, Mark (1835-1910) lived in: Hartford
Warner, Gertrude Chandler (1890-1979) lived in: Putnam

Former Connecticut Residents

Appelbaum, Diana grew up in: Norwalk & Old Lyme now lives in: Newton, MA
Beil, Karen Magnuson grew up in: Vernon now lives in: New York – Author Visits ; Books ; Teacher’s Guides ;Email the Author
Blos, Joan lived in: New Haven
Braswell, Liz lived in: Storrs between the early 1970s and 1989 – Blog ;
Brodsky, Daniella
 lived in: Middletown now lives in: North Queensland, Australia
Cherry, Lynne lived in: Marlborough – Teacher Resource File
Chesworth, Michael lived in: Falls Village – Author Appearance Info – Email the Author
Cooney, Caroline B. lived in: Old Greenwich now lives in: SC
Cushman, Doug lived in: CT now lives in: France
Cuyler, Margery lived in: Rowayton from 1979-1984 now lives in: Lawrenceville, NJ
Davis, Katie lived in: Madison now lives in: NY
De Paola, Tomie grew up in: Meriden now lives in:New London, NH – Teacher Resource File
Ehrlich, Amy grew up in: New York and Connecticut now lives in: Vermont
Falwell, Cathryn lived in: Hartford area now lives in: Gorham, ME
Howard, Arthur born in: Clinton now lives in: New York, NY
Jakobsen, Kathy lived in: Weston now lives in: Florida
Karas, G. Brian was born in: Milford now lives in: NY
Kellogg, Steven lived in: Sandy Hook now lives in: VT
King, Stephen lived in: Stratford in 1957 now lives in: ME
Koller, Jackie French born in: Derby lived in: Stratford, Shelton, Southington, Middle Haddam, & Simsbury now lives in: MA
Lindbergh, Reeve grew up in: CT
Lisle, Janet Taylor grew up in: Farmington
MacLachlan, Patricia taught school in: Manchester – Teacher Resource File from the Internet School Library Media Center
Maestro, Betsy lived in: Old Lyme now lives in: New Mexico
Maestro, Giulio lived in: Old Lyme now lives in: New Mexico
Magnuson, Karen Beil born in: Vernon now lives in: Guilderland, NY
Marzollo, Jean grew up in: Manchester – Teacher Resource File from the Internet School Library Media Center
McGrory, Anik hometown: New Canaan now lives in: Tarrytown, NY – Blog
Monjo, F. N. was born in: Stamford
Nobleman, Marc Tyler lived in: Cos Cob now lives in: MD
Northrop, Michael grew up in: Salisbury
Shasha, Mark lived in: New London from 1964-1983 lives in: Boston, MA
Sidman, Joyce born in: Hartford, attended: Wesleyan, now lives in: Wayzata, Minnesota
Siomades, Lorianne was born in: Harwinton now lives in: Colorado
Stone, Tanya Lee grew up in: Milford lived in: Orange now lives in: VT – Blog
Voigt, Cynthia grew up in: southern CT now lives in: Deer Isle, ME
Weisgard, Leonard born in: New Haven
Weller, Frances Ward born in: Milford now lives on: Cape Cod
Williams, Karen Lynn born in: Hamden graduated from