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North America – Picture Books

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Picture books which take place in specific North American nations:
Bermuda ; Canada ; Clipperton Island ; Greenland ; Mexico ; Saint Pierre and Miquelon ; United States



Catie Copley’s Great Escape by Deborah Kovacs (David Godine, 2009) 3
Catie Copley, a seeing-eye dog and canine ambassador at Boston’s Fairmont Hotel, visits Quebec City.

Race the Wild Wind: A Story of the Sable Island Horses by Sandra Markle (Walker, 2011) 3
A few horses, set free on Sable Island, Nova Scotia, soon become wild and, led by one fine stallion, find a way to survive. Includes historical notes and facts about wild horses.

Guttersnipe by Jane Cutler (Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2009)
In Canada early in the twentieth century, Ben, the youngest in a family of Jewish immigrants struggling to make ends meet, decides to help out but when a hat maker gives him a chance, disaster strikes and Ben nearly loses hope.


Immi’s Gift by Karin Littlewood (Peachtree, 2010)
Day after day in the frozen north, a young Inuit girl catches brightly-colored objects while ice fishing and uses them to decorate her igloo, until the ice begins to melt and she drops in a gift of her own before leaving for the season.

NOTE: Red numbers denote how many holdings are noted in reQuest. An asterisk means that the book is available at the State Library Service Centers.

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