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Benedict Arnold, 1741-1801

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Many children’s biographies of Benedict Arnold have been published, most of them out of print. Two clear “top choices” will serve libraries well.

pink numbers = Horn Book Guide rating / red numbers= Follett reading level / green numbers=Lexile

Top Choices
The Real Benedict Arnold by Jim Murphy (Clarion, 2007) 2 / 8.9 / 1240 / Grades 5+ (unfortunately “out of stock indefinitely”)
The Notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin (Roaring Brook, 2010) 1 / 7.3 / 990 / Grades 6-9

In Print and Recommended by at Least One Source
Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold by Jean Fritz (Putnam’s, 1981) 7.1 / Ages 10+ (available in paperback)
Benedict Arnold: Battlefield Hero or Selfish Traitor? by Jessica Gunderson (Fact Finders, 2013) 4 / Grades 3-5
Benedict Arnold: Revolutionary War Hero and Traitor (Library of American Lives and Times series) by Walter Louis Powell (PowerPlus, 2005) 7.3 / Grades 5-8
Out of print biographies in library collections (consider weeding*):
Benedict Arnold: Hero and Traitor (Leaders of the American Revolution series) by Liz Sonneborn (Chelsea House, 2006) 5 / 7.2 / Grades 4-8
Benedict Arnold: From Patriot to Traitor (Signature Lives series) by Pamela Dell (Compass Point, 2005) 930 / Grades 4-7
Benedict Arnold (American War Biographies series) by Karen Price Hossell (Heinemann, 2004) 4 / 6.3 / Grades 3-6
America’s First Traitor: Benedict Arnold Betrays the Colonies (Headlines from History series) by Allison Stark Draper (PowerKids, 2001) 4.8
Benedict Arnold: Patriot or Traitor? (Historical American Biographies series) by Ann Graham Gaines (Enslow, 2001) 3 / 6.9 / Grades 6-8
Benedict Arnold (Let Freedom Ring series) by Susan R. Gregson (Bridgestone, 2001) 4 / 5.5 / Grades 4-6
Benedict Arnold : Traitor to the Cause (Revolutionary War Leaders series) by Norma Jean Lutz (Chelsea House, 1999) 5 / 5.3 / Grades 4-6
Benedict Arnold and the American Revolution (Notorious Americans and Their Times series) by David C. King (Blackbirch, 1998) 5 / 6.6 / 1050 / Grades 5-8
Benedict Arnold (First Books series) by Mary Dodson Wade (Franklin Watts, 1994) 6.4 / Grades 3-6
*The Dark Eagle: The Story of Benedict Arnold by Clifford Lindsey Alderman (Macmillan, 1976)
*Benedict Arnold: Hero and Traitor (Spies of the World series) by Cateau DeLeeuw (Putnam’s, 1970)
*Benedict Arnold: Traitor of the Revolution by Ronald Syme (Morrow, 1970)
*Horatio Gates & Benedict Arnold: American Military Commanders by Robin McKown (McGraw-Hill, 1969)
*Beauty and the Traitor: The Story of Mrs. Benedict Arnold by Milton Lomask (Macrae Smith, 1967)
*Benedict Arnold: Traitor to His Country by Jeannett Nolan (J. Messner, 1956)
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