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Harder to Find Connecticut Biographies

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Joel Barlow, 1754-1812
Only one book for children has been written about Joel Barlow:
Hasty Pudding and Barbary Pirates: A Life of Joel Barlow by Esther Morris Douty (Westminster Press, 1975)
Eleven libraries in Connecticut still have this book. Since it’s a Connecticut biography and cannot be replaced, I would not weed this one, even though it is over 35 years old.

Samuel Colt, 1814-1862
Enslow has a new book on Samuel Colt:
The Man Behind the Gun: Samuel Colt and His Revolver (Genius at Work! series) by Edwin Brit Wyckoff (Enslow Elementary, 2010) 4 / 5.9
The new book can replace the only other book published for children:
Sam Colt and His Gun: The Life of the Inventor of the Revolver by Gertrude Hecker Winders (John Day, 1959)

Noah Webster, 1758-1843
There ‘s only one book on Webster available at this time:
Noah Webster: Weaver of Words by Pegi Deitz Shea (Boyds Mills, 2009) 3 / Grades 3-7
The following are out of print or available only in paper or e-formats. Keep them if you have them!
Noah Webster, Master of Words by David R. Collins (Mott Media, 1989) 5.3 / Grades 5-8

What Do You Mean? : A Story About Noah Webster (Creative Minds series) by Jeri Ferris (Carolrhoda, 1988) 5.4 / Grades 3-5
Noah Webster and the First American Dictionary (Library of American Lives and Times series) by Luisanna Fodde Melis (PowerPlus, 2005) Grades 5-8

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