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Books with Nature/Land Care Themes

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From goodnightmoon 10/26/11: ” I am looking for good, appropriate books with nature/animal/land care themes any ideas?”

Suggestions from the Listserv* and Linda Williams:

Picture Books:
Berger, Carin. OK Go (Greenwillow, 2009)(9780061576669)
In this almost wordless picture book, car drivers stuck in traffic under smoggy skies seek “greener” alternatives to driving, including riding bicycles, walking, and playing.
Deedy, Carmen Agra. Agatha’s Feather Bed : Not Just Another Wild Goose Story* (Peachtree, 1991)(9781561450084)
When Agatha buys a new feather bed and six angry naked geese show up to get their feathers back, the incident reminds her to think about where things come from.
Erdrich, Louise. Grandmother’s Pigeon* (Hyperion, 1996)(OP)
Passenger pigeon hatchlings, thought to be extinct, are discovered in Grandmother’s room after she departs on a voyage to Greenland.
Formento, Alison. This Tree Counts! (Albert Whitman, 2010)(9780807578902)
Before they begin planting new trees, Mr. Tate tells his students to listen closely as the lone tree behind their school counts out ten ways it serves the needs of different animals.
Franco, Betsy. Pond Circle (Margaret McElderry, 2009)(9781416940210)
In the pond by Anna’s house, a food chain begins with algae, which is eaten by a mayfly nymph, which is eaten by a beetle, which is eaten by a bullfrog…
Kooser, Ted. Bag in the Wind (Candlewick, 2010)(9780763630010)
One cold, spring morning, an ordinary grocery bag begins blowing around a landfill, then as it travels down a road, through a stream, and into a town, it is used in various ways by different people, many of whom do not even notice it.
Lamstein, Sarah. Big Night for Salamanders (Boyds Mills, 2010)(9781932425987)
A boy and his parents go out into the rainy spring night to help salamanders cross a busy road on their annual migration to the vernal pools in which they breed. Includes glossary and facts about the life cycle of the salamander.
Muldrow, Diane. We Planted a Tree (Golden Books, 2010)(9780375864322)Simple text reveals the benefits of planting a single tree, both to those who see it grow and to the world as a whole.
Oldland, Nicholas. Big Bear Hug* (Kids Can Press, 2009)(9781554534647)
Oldland, Nicholas. The Busy Beaver* (Kids Can Press, 2011)(9781554537495)
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth. Pond Walk (Marshall Cavendish, 2011)(9780761458166)
One summer day, Buddy and his mother take a walk around a pond and observe the animals and insects that live there.


French, S. Terrell. Operation Redwood (Amulet, 2009)(9780810983540)
In northern California, Julian Carter-Li and his friends old and new fight to save a grove of redwoods from an investment company that plans to cut them down.
Harley, Bill. Night of the Spadefoot Toads (Peachtree, 2008)(9781561454594)
When his family moves from Tucson, Arizona to Massachusetts, fifth-grader Ben has a hard time leaving the desert he loves, but when he finds a kindred spirit in his science teacher and ends up trying to help her with some of her problems, he finally begins to feel at home.
Hiaasen, Carl. Flush (Knopf, 2005)(9780375821820)
With their father jailed for sinking a river boat, Noah Underwood and his younger sister, Abbey, must gather evidence that the owner of this floating casino is emptying his bilge tanks into the protected waters around their Florida Keys home. TEEN


Burns, Loree Griffin. Citizen Scientist : Be a Part of Scientific Discovery in Your Own Backyard* (Henry Holt, 2012)()(2/2012 – 9780805090628) 590.723
Galbraith, Kathryn O. Planting the Wild Garden* (Peachtree, 2011)()(3/2011 – 9781561455638) 581.467

Environmental Book Awards:
National Outdoor Book Award (Categories: Children’s, Nature and the Environment, Natural History Literature, Outdoor Literature, History/Biography, Classics, Design and Artistic Merit, Nature Guidebooks,Outdoor Adventure Guidebooks, and Intsructional)

Other Booklists Online:
Walk by the Water, Wander Through the Meadow by Barbara Wysocki, Curriculum Connections, SLJ 3/16/2010
Green Reading for Students (National Environmental Education Foundation)
Environment and Ecology Booklist (.pdf)(Office of Childhood Development and Early Learning’s SAS Resources and Information, Pennsylvania Department of Education)
The Environmental Change-Makers of Westchester / Los Angeles : Children’s Environmental Booklist (.pdf)

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